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About Wolkov


Back in the 90's, William's father was dealing luxury watches for the whole South of France area. This was the trigger for William to start a design career. Fast forward 20 years and William has established his own design consulting agency but felt something was missing. In 2014, he started to sketch a new automatic watch, something to turn head and stand-out on any wrist.


This idea became the W20 collection launched in 2019. The first sketch wasn’t impressive but William keeps digging and rework his idea of interchangeable straps over 6 years.

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Credentials 2022

William Volcoff. Founder

W20 Collection

Our previous W20 collection was without concession on design, it was eye-catchy and innovative. We used this first collection as full-scale production prototype. It took us 5 years of hard work to make it happen. We produced 300 pieces, sold most of them and learn a lot from that first batch.

Find a Store

Wake Concept Store.jpeg
Hong Kong

468/2 JianGuo West Road

(Capella Hotel Entrance)
Xuhui district, Shanghai,


(86) 135 2443 7140

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