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You love our previous collections we designed but can't find them anywhere ?


We do produce only limited amount for each collections. Previous collection (W20 Super collection) is now sold out. You might like the next one coming up.


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What materials are used for the case and lugs?


All Wolkov’s cases are built from military-grade 316L stainless steel with highly precise, streamlined edges and angles. Each case is fabricated by a top-quality CNC machine one piece at a time. Due to our specific oblong shape, each watch takes an extra 4 hours to be produced compared to a traditional circular shape.


You have a problem with your order problems, you haven't receive what you wanted, some items are missing?


We are very sorry to hear that.

Please contact us through the website form.


We'll answer you as soon as possible, usually within few hours.


What's inside the watches?


We use the automatic swiss-made Sellita SW 200

Jewels: 26 jewels
Frequency: 28,800 bph, 4Hz
Feature: 38 hrs power reserve
Winding: Automatic


Do you want more options of straps? 


We offer various leather and polyamide straps for customers to choose from, all our straps are interchangeable thanks to our patented clip system.


If you don't like the options we have, please share your request on the extra strap and we'll help you design and custom make one for you.


When does the watch will be ready?


The production is on going now. For those who supported us through the Kickstarter campaign, orders will be shipped between October & November 2022. For others, shipments will be organized in December 2022. 


We will keep you updated on our social media !


What are the warranty terms for the timepieces?


We do have a 2 years manufacturing guarantee on the W22 (incl. strap) and we are very proud to be supported by the HOROLOGIUM network to provide all our bakers a global after sales support.

With their headquarters in UK, Horologium is a worldwide network of service partners that will help service and repair your watches locally in most major and many smaller markets.

In short, if your future W22 model has any issue, you won't have to send it back to us in Hong Kong to perform check-up and do maintenance.


Want to distribute our watches in your areas?


Please reach us through the online form. We'll be in touch very soon.

Want to distribute our watches in your areas?


Please reach us through the online form. We'll be in touch very soon.


You should go directly on their web site to register your model and the specific issue


HOROLOGIUM will directly contact you and help you to send the watch to their nearest partner


If your watch is still under warranty, you won't pay anything and we'll cover these costs.


Are the prices in HKD or USD?


All the prices on the website are in US Dollars.


Delivery - How much is it and how long does it take?


Delivery for Hong Kong is free of charge. For the rest of the world, we charge a  flat rate of 50$ which cover most of the countries. Depends on the world situation, shipment takes around 8 days to arrive. We do not cover import tax and VAT so be aware that customs in your country will contact you to pay for these.

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