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W22 El Guapo

W22 El Guapo

SKU: 1

Spice Up Your Wrist !

Embrace stunning Mexican-infused, hand-engraved floral patterns. Guaranteed to Turn Heads: "Guapo/a" might mean handsome/pretty, but with this timepiece on your wrist, you'll be magnetic in any crowd.


We've customized our iconic Super8 dial, known for its simple yet bold design. The oversized, glossy numerals elegantly contrast with the matte background, creating a strong and dynamic atmosphere on the watch face. This minimalist aesthetic complements the intricate hand-engraved patterns on the case.


Super Lucky Back case: The "Super Chance" (Super Lucky) series embodies the elegance of soft surfaces and intricate curves. The eight central numbers form a seamless circle, symbolizing boundless luck and fortune. A central sapphire adds a touch of brilliance, reminiscent of Mexico's vibrant spirit.

This is a unique piece made specifically upon the request from one (lovely) client. If you are interested to get one, we can produce one with a different pattern and different back case.

Please allow us 45 days to handgrave the case, service the watch and produce the extra strap included it in your pack.

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