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JANUS - Bi Color

JANUS - Bi Color


Introducing the Janus special bi-color edition – a Dual-Dial Masterpiece!

This timepiece is a canvas of contrasts, featuring a dual-dial dance between mysterious black matte and glossy chrome dreams. It's not just a watch; it's a wearable masterpiece effortlessly transforming from sleek sophistication to radiant brilliance at the flip of your wrist. The bi-material magic captures attention and empowers your style whims with unmatched ease. With the Janus series, dive into a world where creativity meets craftsmanship, every outfit telling a unique story in dual tones.


What sets it apart is the finishing transformation, transitioning from polished chrome to a striking black matte coating. This shift creates a distinct feel, redefining the watch's aesthetic.

Experience the captivating duality of Janus, where minimalist elegance meets bold expression. On one side, a sleek dial with an oversized number 8 exudes simplicity and modernity. Flip to the other side, and the watch transforms with a white dial featuring oversized Roman numerals at 12, adding timeless sophistication to your wrist.

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