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Creative Director

  • Serial-entrepreneur with cross-disciplinary design expertise.

  • Mentor and lead creative teams to create positive and innovative culture.

  • Plan, design and manage innovative product portfolio.

  • +12 years in China navigating the cultural chasm.

  • Multi-awards design recipient.

> Portfolio 2022

> CV


PRODUCT Design Development

From concept to final industrial production. For luxury segment to mass market. From hand sketch to prototypes to user tests to CG generation to CMF to final CAD definition to final launch.

Product Design

BRAND Design Development

From naming to full VI guidelines and marketing planning. From offline to online, and back. From RGB to CMYK. From static 2D to motion graphic to IP development. From strategy to implementation.


SPACE Design Development

From flagship store to full retail guidelines to factory follow-up to on-site implementation. From laminate to marble to MDF to steel. For kitchenware brands to government spaces to medical offices to school environment to cemetery to restaurant to fashion town planning.

Space Design
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